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Peregrine Falcons Live! – Streaming Video

About Joel Jorgensen

Joel Jorgensen is a Nebraska native and he has been interested in birds just about as long as he has been breathing. He has been NGPC’s Nongame Bird Program Manager for eight years and he works on a array of monitoring, research, regulatory and conservation issues. Nongame birds are the 400 or so species that are not hunted and include the Whooping Crane, Least Tern, Piping Plover, Bald Eagle, and Peregrine Falcon. When not working, he enjoys birding.


  1. Confirned falcon sighting this morning at 7:10am. One was sitting on pillar above nest box :) Now we just need our other travler to come home and then the mating can begin, lol

    • Very interesting article in the paper (either Saturday or Sunday) about the male K/19??? that has been here at the Capitol for several years. Hopefully it isn’t a permanent change of residence. Maybe the tragic happening from last year caused him to relocate. Let’s hope not.

  2. I have checked in on the nest 2 times today, first was about 11:00 am and now at 1:15 or so. Both times times there was a peregrine in the nest, can’t tell if it is the male or female. I don’t remember the colors of the bands but it has a dark colored band.

  3. I hope someone else besides me is watching. It looks like she’s nesting!!!!

    • It would take about 74 days from egg laying to fledging and if she is planning to use that scrape she made and started laying today the offspring would fledge by October 10th at the latest. I suspect that keeping the eggs cool during July and supplying enough water via prey in August and September would not be possible. So, it would surprise me if she started laying again.

    • I hope you are right. I was walking around the capitol about 3:00 on Friday 6/27 and I noticed one of the falcon’s on the top of the nest box. I came back from my walk and turned on the camera and it appeared the momma was cleaning up the nest like she was getting ready to start a new nest. We can hope this is what is happening.

  4. Hope everybody has a great summer. Since there isn’t anything to watch here and no real reason to comment, I’m probably going to quit visiting until next year.

  5. Maybe it would have helped the parents if when they came back with breakfast they would have found their deceased babies so they would understand. I think they do care and would understand.

    • They probably did look for them and saw their bodies before the capitol staff picked them up. Even regular birds have 30 times the eyesight of humans. If Peregrines can see doing a 200 mile an hour dive, I’m sure they saw their babies. They would have also been able to smell them for tracking too.

  6. All:

    We know everyone has been concerned and distressed by the apparent events from last night. We just put out a press release which you can read here:


    -Joel Jorgensen

  7. June 4th, 2014 9:16AM
    Let’s hope that they collected the chicks early this morning and are banding them.

  8. Diane, I wish, but not hopeful, that they got rescued. I’m hoping Joel will post some news soon so please keep watching. That lip on the edge of the box isn’t very tall, and when they get big like they were, it’s scarey to watch them get close to the edge, and if they did that in that storm….. And with the parents being spotted noisy and swirling around the dome, doesn’t look good.

    • Sad sad day. The babies are gone. Brett who works with the Capital Commission found the nest empty this am. I was informed that both of the eyas’s little bodies were recovered. The Woodmen also lost three of their four chicks. Terrible day for those of us that love them.

      • shannon simmons


        Omaha news stations just had information on them being named and all 4 are doing fine? Named after the characters in Frozen

  9. Hrmm…7:40 am on Wednesday 6/4/2014. I don’t see any eyas in the nest and no parents around either. Hope they didn’t blow out with the storm last night…anybody know what’s happening???

    • I was up till half 4 uk time watching them and one kept going really close the the edge and the lightening was horrifying,hope they’re okay ..do you think they’ve been rescued or something ????

    • The parent birds (I assume) are circling the dome. You can hear and see them as you walk up to the building.

      • Maybe today is banding day.

      • got this message on fb about 40 mins ago when I asked … Nebraska Game and Parks Commission We are currently sending staff down to the Capitol to see if they can find anything on the 18th floor. We will let everyone know if we are able to find anything.

        • A friend at work said they received notification that the eyas were found, but unfortunately were not alive. So sad….

    • They were gone at 11:45pm last night, Tuesday. I’m afraid the gusting winds may have won.

  10. I’s 6:30 am wednesday. Looks like the storm got both babies. Very sad. If someone knows otherwise please post!

  11. Oyi, she’s doing that pecking thing again, not letting the poor baby sleep! I’ve never seen this behavior before this year. what’s she doing?

  12. when i checked in about 9 p.m. there was dinner in the pantry and it was still moving!!! and mom (or dad) arrived with another meal and fed the babies.

  13. I’m back to worrying cause I can’t get stream this morning. Hope nothing is wrong with babies.

  14. 630 Thursday night. Parent on top of nest. One chick missing. ACK! Is it off on a field trip? Are you all banding and I missed a person taking the chick? Did he jump? ACK!

    • NEVERMIND! PHEW. Big brother has the little one crammed so tightly into the corner, you couldn’t see her. Geesh. Let her breathe already. Didn’t think there was ROOM there for two, but yup, smashed into the corner. Although taking them to the Haymarket fieldtrip for a frozen pigeon cone sounds like a good idea :D

  15. Wow, they are growing quickly! Not even two weeks old yet and they’re triple the size they were when they hatched. Beautiful birds!

  16. Last night,. the 27th, about 530 pm I got very worried because one of the chicks wasn’t looking well, and mom was hovering over it pecking at it all over and I was thinking maybe it’s sick and she’s trying to kill it. But this morning things looked better. Was very scared last night though.

  17. Turned on the falcon cam while I was having lunch at noon here on the east coast and saw the male on the nest ledge. At 12:08 EDT the female came in with lunch for the chicks. Looks like all is well.

  18. What time is the banding Friday?

    • Linda:

      The banding is not on Friday and I am hesitant to state when it will be because we are unable to have this be a public event due to logistical constraints.


      • THought I saw it in the paper today. But i was hoping to just watch on computer at home like last year, or was it the year before. Anyway, must have misread the article in the paper wrong. Just want to watch from home, though, not crowding into the rotunda. Thanks.

      • Joel,
        Will you or somebody be taking pictures that we can see during the banding? Hope so but it will be a while yet , at least a few days.

    • where is the second cam, the long view, stationed ?

  19. I just noticed (about 12:30 – 5/27/2014) that it looks like the last egg was opened and is empty now and I don’t see another Eyas in the nest.

  20. Sunday, 5/25/14, 10:10 The nest sitter walked around and there was still one egg, but she rolled it away. Two eyas were looking great

    • Being rolled away…… never a good sign. Stinky egg. Saw male yesterday. Dh said the fluff butts look like Henson Muppets. They need names soon or fluff butts or Thing 1 and Thing 2 are going to stick in this house. Oops… too late.

  21. Has anyone seen the male in the last 48 hours?
    Just keeping tabs and haven’t seen him or the young being fed.

    • On the 25th both parents were there when it was feeding time. It was about 630 in the evening!

    • Saw the young being fed yesterday afternoon and again this morning. Not sure if it was the male that brought food yesterday but it was the female this morning who dropped out of the nest and returned a few minutes later with breakfast. Looks like the Capitol pigeons are taking a beating…

  22. So just out of curiosity. After the eyas have been fed and the mother/father take the left over bird remains away, where do they go? Do they just drop the left overs over on the lawn somewhere? Anybody seen any of the bits and pieces? I guess it would be quite the shock if you were out walking around and all of a sudden the left over bird parts come dropping down on you.

  23. 345pm Thursday. Two chicks, no eggs…. and belch… what on earth is that for lunch?!

  24. Sunday morning I saw the male pick up one of the chicks and fly off with it and came back empty handed.

  25. It appears at this point there are only the 2 eyas left. There was 1 egg earlier, but I don’t see it anymore now. Interesting how we started off with 5 eggs and now we are down to just 2 eyas.

    • wednesday morning as soon as it started getting light, i saw an egg shell and a dark chunk of something about the size of a walnut, the nest sitter ( not sure which one) begin nibbling at the shell, then it took the chunk and worked on eatting it. then more shell. when it got light out, there were 2 chicks, one egg, no shell or 2nd egg

  26. Everyone there got GREAT camera shots. Too bad we couldn’t see any of it. Very frustrating. Next time remind everyone it was being streamed live and to stand back please.

  27. was trying to watch the banding in Omaha, but too bad the guy wtih the big camera on his shoulder stood in front of the stream camera most of the time!!

  28. what has happened? There is one baby and one egg and no parent in the nest

  29. Seems we are going to have the two fluffballs this year. They seem to be doing ok so far. I just saw another feeding. Mama and Papa are good providers. I look forward to watching them grow up. They are so cute at this stage. Thanks again to Joel and the NGPC for the great view of these awesome Peregrines. I just love them.

  30. 1020am…pigeon delivery

  31. 10am Tuesday. Light egg being excluded again
    1005am return of second parent, who bats about light egg, long parental discussion resumes… guessing about lake of chocolate covered pigeon delivery
    1014am sitting parent flies off, second moves onto chicks and darker egg. Light egg excluded

  32. 851pm parent pulls lighter egg back under

  33. 849pm parent not sitting on lighter egg

  34. 843pm chick keeps pushing lighter egg away

  35. 841pm parent returned and rolled egg back to the group

  36. 839pm Monday night. Two chicks and one unmatched egg. Another eggs was rolled by parent across and away from chicks.

  37. Just before 11am Monday… two fluffy chicks eating what I think was squirrel. Two unmatched eggs, one hatch egg…. chick from that one gone.

  38. Looks like mom pushed one egg out from under her and is leaving it off to the side.

  39. Josh
    Is that an open shell with an undeveloped chick in it? When I looked it was laying right next to her.

  40. Very worried. Right now there are two babies, one is on its back struggling to right itself. Mom just flew away with dinner in its mouth. I’m afraid to keep watching.

  41. It’s better than what they get in the wild. They nest bare, on a ledge with limited cover or protection, and nary an edge to keep chicks in. They’re fine.

  42. Joel, that rock base in the box doesn’t seem to be very comfortable for babies being squished on by their moms. Isn’t there a softer, more comfortable material you can use? Of course it would be a little more work, needing to be cleaned out at least after the babies fledge each season, but it would see, to be so much more comfortable for them.

  43. I finally saw what she was sitting on!!!!!!! omg

  44. It looks like we lost a hatchling. My co-worker noticed there was laying on it’s back and not moving – with 3 unhatched eggs and 1 broken open egg….how sad….

    • are the eggs viable at this point? it is day 36, from what i read, the eggs hatch after 29 – 33 days. it is sad.geez i wish at least one could make it

      • About 3:55 pm – 5/16/2014 – 2 Eyas are in the nest with 2 more eggs still left. The mother had just flown in with a bird that she was starting to feed the 2 when I turned the cameras on.

      • i just saw 2 babies and 2 eggs!

  45. I think she just ate the other shell. Maybe 2

  46. Marlene Hoskovec

    How exciting the first egg was laid on my birthday

  47. Another big hole in another egg. Should have 2 later today.

  48. We have touchdown! I saw a little birdie this AM approx 8:05. Then Daddy dropped by to give Mom a break and he’s already eaten the shell (or part of it).

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