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A Year at the Rodeo

Photographer Mark Harris spent a year on the circuit capturing Nebraska’s rodeo heritage, as featured in March 2014.

Here are some of his favorite moments.

A Year at the Rodeo

Photographer Mark Harris spent a year on the circuit capturing Nebraska's rodeo heritage, as featured in the March 2014 edition. Here are a few more of his favorites.

[img src=http://neblandvm.outdoornebraska.gov/wp-content/flagallery/year-at-the-rodeo/thumbs/thumbs_mhmullen46.jpg]1890Mullen
Dirt flies at the Ultimate Bull Riding Tour in Mullen.<br />Photography by Mark Harris.
[img src=http://neblandvm.outdoornebraska.gov/wp-content/flagallery/year-at-the-rodeo/thumbs/thumbs_mhsutherland378.jpg]1090Sutherland
Tie-down rope at the ready, a calf roper prepares for the chase in Sutherland.<br />Photography by Mark Harris.
[img src=http://neblandvm.outdoornebraska.gov/wp-content/flagallery/year-at-the-rodeo/thumbs/thumbs_stapleton350.jpg]1210Stapleton
A bronc confronts its fallen rider at Stapleton.<br />Photography by Mark Harris.
[img src=http://neblandvm.outdoornebraska.gov/wp-content/flagallery/year-at-the-rodeo/thumbs/thumbs_mhoakland195.jpg]940Oakland
A bullfighter protects a fallen rider at Oakland, Nebraska’s Extreme Bull Riding.<br />Photography by Mark Harris.
[img src=http://neblandvm.outdoornebraska.gov/wp-content/flagallery/year-at-the-rodeo/thumbs/thumbs_sidney321.jpg]960Sidney
A steer wrestler homes in on the horns at Sidney.<br />Photography by Mark Harris.
[img src=http://neblandvm.outdoornebraska.gov/wp-content/flagallery/year-at-the-rodeo/thumbs/thumbs_sutherland391.jpg]960Sutherland
A bronc and rider both fall flat in Sutherland.<br />Photography by Mark Harris.
[img src=http://neblandvm.outdoornebraska.gov/wp-content/flagallery/year-at-the-rodeo/thumbs/thumbs_mh213.jpg]710Crete
A saddle bronc eyes his rider in Crete.<br />Photography by Mark Harris.
[img src=http://neblandvm.outdoornebraska.gov/wp-content/flagallery/year-at-the-rodeo/thumbs/thumbs_mhgordon144_0.jpg]820Gordon
A bronc launches from the chutes at Gordon.<br />Photography by Mark Harris.
[img src=http://neblandvm.outdoornebraska.gov/wp-content/flagallery/year-at-the-rodeo/thumbs/thumbs_mhalliance019.jpg]750Alliance
A young cowboy behind the chutes in Alliance.<br />Photography by Mark Harris.

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