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The Swarp

Those that know me realize that I thoroughly enjoy river recreation. I specifically enjoy fishing Nebraska rivers and catching all kinds of interesting aquatic creatures. The fun of river fishing in Nebraska is the fact that you never know what you might catch!




But now, as the waters of my favorite river fishin’ hole become ice-free here in Nebraska, a new strange-looking fish has emerged.


Original Photo Source Unknown.

What is this? I consulted our very own Daryl Bauer of Game and Parks Fisheries Division for positive identification of the weird specie. Daryl confirmed that the fish is called a Swarp. Huh? The Swarp is a hybrid fish between an Arkansas Razorback Swine and a Common Carp — Swarp (Photoshopious razorbacktus). Could it be another invasive specie swimming in our waters? Will this one be leaping out of the water near or in our boats? Wonder if it might even be the other white meat beyond pork? This FAKE Friday Funny has been brought to you by the ‘crazy outdoor guy’  Greg Wagner, and the ‘zany angler’ Daryl Bauer!

About Greg Wagner

A native of Gretna, NE, a graduate of Gretna High School and Bellevue University, Greg Wagner currently serves as the Public Information Officer and Manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's Service Center in Omaha. On a weekly basis, Wagner can be heard on a number of radio stations, seen on local television in Omaha, and on social media sites, creatively conveying natural resource conservation messages as well as promoting outdoor activities and destinations in Nebraska. Wagner, whose career at Game and Parks began in 1979, walks, talks, lives, breathes and blogs about Nebraska’s outdoors. He grew up in rural Gretna, building forts in the woods, hunting, fishing, collecting leaves, and generally thriving on constant outdoor activity. One of the primary goals of his blog is to get people, especially young ones, to have fun and spend time outside!


  1. Sounds like a fish story to me!!

  2. Great for your health. All the benefits of fish, but tastes like BACON!

  3. Had me for a minute lol, now to get my husband :-), love it!

  4. You had me for a second there! Keep up the good work! Lol

  5. Woooooooo Pig Sooooooooie! Go Swarps…er Hogs!!

  6. Rosalinda salazar

    It’s the off spring of Kermit the frog and miss piggy!!!!

  7. Made me laugh after a stressful start to the day! Thanks! :-)

  8. I guess that’s why fisherman have always called the big ones “porkers”…

  9. Showed this to my fisherman brother-in-law. He assumed you would use corn as bait. :)

  10. So its not real?

  11. My grandpa used to raise those. I remember each spring taking care of the swarplets and helping to load them up to go to auction at the warf.

  12. Keep up with the great (and humorous) work! Some people just don’t get it I guess..

    • Thanks a bunch, Brett! We all need to laugh a bit more, don’t we? Have a fun weekend!

      “Wags” — Greg Wagner

  13. I am curious. Does the “Swarp” go “wee wee wee all the way home” when released after the catch?

  14. Gives new meaning to a “pork filet”!!!

  15. Too cute!!! ;]

  16. Dr. Lance Johnson

    Are you sure this isn’t an aquatic relative of the Chupacabra?

    • Dr. Lance,

      It could very well be! Research on the specie may offer clues! Have a good weekend!

      “Wags” — Greg Wagner

  17. Are Swarp considered a fish? I need to know if I can eat them on Fridays in Lent.

    • Hmmm … We’re unsure, Bob, at this time. Even though it has scales and fins, it does not have any gills nor does it have any olfactory openings. It’s definitely an aquatic organism … Fish, or not? That is question … Hopefully Daryl Bauer will weigh in on this. Have a great Lenten season!

      “Wags” — Greg Wagner

    • Ichthyologically speaking, yes, a swarp is a fish.

      Theologically speaking, I ain’t going there.

      Daryl B.

  18. Nevermind. Haven’t had my coffee yet :/

    • No problem, Maggie! I was going to tell you to note the scientific name of the aquatic creature: Photoshopious razorbacktus. Have a good one!

      “Wags” — Greg Wagner

  19. Really, swarp, that is a software program that combines to images to make one, get real.

    • Hi Renee,

      Thanks for chiming in on the blog post, always appreciated. I’m blaming Daryl B. on this one, Renee, HA! He came up with the name (which I think is cool, by the way!). A friend of mine came up with the scientific name of the creature: Photoshopious razorbacktus. Obviously, we’re not software/computer gurus, we’re resource professionals, so we had no idea that the term “Swarp” even existed anywhere. Furthermore, the program SWarp is spelled differently. Hey, this post is all about fun in any event. Take care and enjoy Spring!

      “Wags” — Greg Wagner

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