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Aaron "hershy" Hershberger is an Outdoor Education Specialist with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He loves being outdoors. When not outdoors he is day-dreaming about being outdoors and/or whining that he is not outdoors. Hershy has been a Hunter Education Instructor, in two states, for nearly two decades & a Bowhunter Education Instructor for 15 years.

The Weekend Turkey Report

Emma poses with an opening morning Tom

Here we sit on the Monday after the opening of the 2014 Nebraska Spring Turkey Shotgun opener. For a majority of our gobbler-chasers this was the official kick-off to our obsession.  What a wild weather-ride it was, too, in much of the state.  A beautiful and very warm Saturday followed by a Sunday that…well…wasn’t.  I welcome and look forward to hearing your turkey-observations from this past weekend as I share my own from the timber’s edge. Family Weekend.  The opening ... Read More »

Turkey Hunting Lessons from Last Spring

We Hunt On

It’s time to chase some gobblers. Nebraska’s season opened for archery hunting on it’s usual March 25 date, this past Tuesday.  My brother Gabe and I celebrated by taking the decoys out for a sit.  The birds are still in winter flocks where I hunt. This means either you are covered up in birds or you have plenty of time to think. So, as the cardinal sang I started reviewing my 2013 season and what it may have taught me ... Read More »

Final Day

Bird Hunters

January 31.  It’s here, arriving with little fanfare, if any at all.  Dreaded by some, ignored by most, it is the last day of the upland bird season. And like the many that have come before it, I will be hunting. I am drawn to the final day of chasing birds for reasons I can explain and a few I cannot.  But, the simple fact is this is my last chance to hunt them for 7 months – 9 for pheasant and ... Read More »

Buried in Generosity – Hunt Gear Donation a Success

Alicia Inventories the Gear

We asked and you responded.  Sportsmen and Outdoor-women heard the call for blaze-orange and camouflage clothes as well as hunting gear to help get new hunters into the field comfortably, safely and back again.  You showed up with bags, boxes and sacks full of it at the drop-off locations in North Platte, Kearney and Lincoln.  Thank you! The latest donation inventory shows over 600 items including: 89 shirts, 76 pair of pants, 77 coats, 44 vests, 26 overalls, 112 hats, ... Read More »

Last Chance Deer Camp

Lance watches for deer

In deer hunting years I am 24 seasons old, as another came to an end just recently. It was a good year that brought with it some challenges, some successes and a whole bunch of memories. Thanks to our partners at the Crane Trust, Inc. near Wood River, I got to end it in the best way imaginable – at the Last Chance Youth Deer Camp. This was the second year for this event, which takes place on the final ... Read More »

Making a Difference – Cleaning Your Closet

Donated Items Already

If you have been hunting for any amount of time you likely have a garage filled with gear and a closet choked with camouflage and blaze orange.  Chances are some of it doesn’t get used near as much as it should.  Perhaps you even have a significant other that reminds you of such on a regular basis, too. Each year hundreds of participants take part in the mentored hunts across Nebraska.  However, for many that are new to hunting a ... Read More »

Woman In Search of Long Underwear


New in Lincoln and a new job with the Nebraska Game and Parks has made me think about some new purchases.  Working in the Outdoor Education department one of the questions asked of me is do I have a good pair of Long Johns (aka Thermal underwear or long underwear) as I spent last Saturday outside at our Catching Fire Archery Event.  My answer of course was no.  I am the type that likes to spend most of the winter ... Read More »

First Snow

Gabe admires a late season rooster

With the season open few things can compare to the joy a pheasant hunter feels when he or she wakes up to a landscape covered in a few inches of fluffy snow – especially the first such event of the season.  Those of us truly addicted to chasing-the-cackle do our darnedest to be in the field on these special mornings and for some this past weekend was when this glorious happening occurred. For some reason the first snow of the ... Read More »

The Best Gifts


Last year I listed my top 5 items to avoid for the outdoor-women & sportsmen on your list.  I still stand by them. However, this year just prior to Halloween I received my first Christmas catalog from a large outdoor retailer.  About the same time a third zipper failed on my deer hunting backpack, I busted through a major seam on one of my favorite pair of hunting boots, and my headlamp took a swim in a nearby duck marsh ... Read More »

Rooster Pinch

Results of a Successful Pinch

To me the week of thanksgiving means chasing pheasant.  And by this time of the season pheasants have become wily critters that make a living…well…staying alive.  In fact, it doesn’t take very long after opening day shots are fired for the roosters to begin to use some crafty ways of dodging the hunter – both two and four-legged.  This holds even more true in years when fewer young pheasants are on the landscape.  This is when a it’s time to ... Read More »