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Jeff is the Education Manager in the Communications Division with Game and Parks where he has worked for the last 15 years. He oversees the Hunter Education, Boater Education, Hunter Outreach and Shooting Range Development for the Commission and is a devout hunter, angler, wildlife viewer, naturalist, father and husband. He holds a BS and MS from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He has been a Hunter Education Instructor for over 20 years, NRA firearms instructor and range officer, National Archery in the Schools Program Archery Instructor Specialist and member of the National NASP Board, sits on the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Hunter Recruitment and Retention Committee and Education Committee. Jeff is an avid handgun hunter, loves to chase turkeys in the spring, squirrel hunting enthusiast and philosopher of the outdoors. He is an avid shooter and loves to spend outdoor time with family and friends. He has a passion for exciting others about the outdoors. A history buff, Jeff is a strong supporter of our North American Model of Conservation and tries to spread the message of its importance and relevance every chance he gets.

Critter Calling


I seem to always dust off the rimfire guns in late winter. I get out the 22 mag revolver or 17 hmr rifle and head to the woods in search of critters that will come to the call. Coon calling is one of my favorite things to do and we still have until the end of February  to get out and give it a try. These guys can be easy to call in at times and provide loads of fun ... Read More »

Your Archery Revolution Begins December 6th


From the moment I witnessed Katniss Everdeen fling that first arrow, I knew we were on to something special.  Archery is cool, and Katniss has made it cooler to millions of young boys and girls who now want to possess the same skills she has.  The good news?  Thanks to  facilities like the Nebraska Outdoor Education Center, now they can! Join us December 6th from 10am – 4pm for Archery on Fire, a free family day of outdoor skills fun. ... Read More »

Arctic Opener A Good Thing

Mark Matulka and son Joe brave cold temps to harvest a fine buck in western Nebraska.

Few things on this planet can rival the excitement of  opening weekend of the Nebraska Firearm Deer Season.  Small towns all across the state are a buzz with orange clad hunters making the annual pilgrimage to their favorite haunts to chase deer critters, share stories, spend time with families and just live like outdoorsmen and women for a few days. The recent arctic blast should prove to be a huge bonus for deer hunters this weekend.  Plunging temps should result ... Read More »

A Sandhills Mixed Bag

A great mixed bag opportunity in central Nebraska

I can still remember my fist trip to the incredible Nebraska Sandhills with a shotgun in hand.  It was nearly 25 years ago and it literally changed my life. The Nebraska Sandhills are home to many species of game birds including the northern zone of our ducks coming from the Dakotas into the central part of the state as well as my favorite game bird of all time, Sharp-tailed grouse.   There is no better place to chase this bird ... Read More »

Loving The Fall

Buster bringing in the bird.... he lives for this!

Absolutely my favorite time of year has begun. Husker football on the tv/radio and cool mornings afield. This is what I dream about all year. Granted, I will say the same thing about winter but just let me digress for a moment. The Dove opener lived up to the hype for some while a bit spotty for others. This year, resources are good and the birds are spread out in many areas. Regardless, we have had a few good hunts ... Read More »

Missing That Duck Blind Cooking!

Big mouth handy!

My favorite meals have come from the heat of a campfire or the excitement of a duck blind.  Make no mistake, I like most foods, but those that came from the crackle of an open fire or the camaraderie of the duck blind….that taste lingers! The duck blind is a time for special dishes from a more hidden menu.   Dishes you don’t find every day have a solid place in such venues.  I am not going to fill you ... Read More »

New Outdoor Education Center and Shooting Park – Grand Opening June 7th


It is finally here! The family shooting sports event of the year. June 7th will be the grand opening event for the new Nebraska Outdoor Education Center in Lincoln at 4703 N 44th Street or 44th & Superior in Boosalis Park. From 10am – 4pm we will be open for families, shooters, and kids of all ages to come out and try flinging arrows on the new indoor 32 lane archery range (the largest one in Nebraska)! Join us in ... Read More »

Those Pesky Jakes

I think he is in love...

Now I know there is a large contingency of turkey chasers that feel a turkey is a turkey and will readily take a jake with ill effect to their psychy. Understand I have nothing against them. I like jakes. Heck, my dog is named Jake. But true to their upbringing, jakes can screw up a hunt like nobody’s business. Jakes are like a gange of teenagers. Young adolescent birds that hang out together. By themselves they are not much threat ... Read More »

Didn’t See That One Coming


Camping down here in southeast Nebraska for the shotgun turkey opener with my brother-in-law Dave Flanagan. We had roosted several toms last night and were working some birds this morning in the power lines when we began to hear a strange noise. As the noise grew louder, we exited the blind to see what was going on. Man were we surprised when this helicopter buzzed us at around 70 feet. I could have hit it with a stick! They were ... Read More »

Early Season is for the Birds


Man, woman and child! It is finally here! This early season on turkeys is just a hoot. A lot of fun but it will tax you. One day they can be gobbling like mad, walking about like a lost puppy, the next day they are back in large groups acting like they don’t know you from tree bark. Welcome to the early season! The advantage we archers have is that we have the best chance of being in the field ... Read More »