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Author Archives: Jenny Nguyen, Regional Editor/PIO

NEBRASKAland Regional Editor Jenny Nguyen was born in Nha Trang, Vietnam and moved to the United States with her parents in 1992. She graduated from Bolsa Grande High School in Garden Grove, California in 2008 and completed her Bachelor’s at UCLA in 2012. Nguyen was Editor-In-Chief for her high school newspaper and continued to write in college, freelancing for various publications, the Tiger Woods Foundation and writing for her blog After graduating college, she moved to Nebraska in early 2013 to join the Commission as Regional Editor at NEBRASKAland Magazine. Nguyen enjoys hiking, camping, horseback riding, hunting, fishing and cooking. She is happiest learning and experiencing new things, and looks forward to exploring her new home in Nebraska.

Buffalo Cookouts at Niobrara State Park

Deb Grimes (left) and Ruth Grimes enjoying buffalo burgers and music at Niobrara State Park's Buffalo Cookout.

Last two Buffalo Cookouts of the summer will be held July 19 and August 30 at Niobrara State Park. Cookout meals of buffalo burgers, beans, salads and ice cream will be served at 6 p.m., followed by a special program. Attendees must register and purchase meal tickets at the park office before noon on the day of the cookout; tickets for adults (13 and older) is $12 and children is $8. Program is free to attend. The cookout on July ... Read More »

Food Week: Venison and Shrimp Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Venison Spring Rolls-055

Those of you who read the magazine have probably realized that I am the “foodie” out of the bunch. I love to cook with wild game, and I have most fun creating new recipes or incorporating it into everyday dishes that people eat around the world. I’d even say that I enjoy cooking with wild game more than I do shooting it. I don’t care to sit in a blind for too long– forget it if it’s cold. But how I do ... Read More »

NWTF Missouri River Shootout

Photo credit: Doug Carroll/NEBRASKAland Magazine

Photo Caption: Sporting clays is a shooting event that has multiple stations and like mini-golf, each station along the course presents a different challenge. Pheasant Bonanza has a 20-station course offering a wide variety of clay targets, including bouncing rabbits, decoying ducks, and flushing quail coveys. Join the National Wild Turkey Federation’s (NWTF) Missouri River Shootout on Sunday, July 27 at the Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club and Kennel in Tekamah, Neb. The main sporting clay event is open to all ... Read More »

Bowfishing Mentor Program at Ponca State Park

Photo by Doug Carroll.

Ponca State Park’s first Bowfishing Mentor Program will run from July 9 through August 6 on Wednesday nights, 6 p.m. until dark. The program is open to ages 10 and above; program is free with gear provided. Enrollees are encouraged to attend all sessions, which will cover basic archery, fish identification, water safety and more. Sessions will be conducted by local Bow Hunter Education Instructors. The program is sponsored by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Cajun Archery, Muzzy Bowfishing, ... Read More »

Looking Back on the Cowboy Trail

Day 1 (May 17): At the trailhead at Ta-Ha-Zouka Park in Norfolk. Left to right: Jenny Nguyen (Norfolk), Amanda Warrick (Norfolk), Carine Stava (Bennington), Verna Simons (Norfolk), Kathy Wiegert (Norfolk), Nancy Schucker (Battle Creek), Jim Kropatsch (Columbus), Bob Trautwein (Columbus), Jamie Bachmann (Stanton); Bottom: Devyn and Tyson Warrick (Norfolk)

It’s Tuesday and I think my butt has decided to forgive me. Besides some odd tan lines and bug bites, I’m feeling pretty good. I think my head and body is still in the process of digesting the whole thing, of trying to come up with some grand conclusion of what it meant. I know it’ll mean more to me later, but for right now,  I’ll admire the numbers: 195 miles on two wheels, with only my legs to pedal ... Read More »

Cowboy Trail Tour Itinerary


Our tour is only 9 days away! For those joining us, we hope your training is going well and that you’re getting things together for this adventure. Jamie and I scouted out the trail on Monday, and we’re so glad we did because we’ve made one change: we are no longer stopping at Plum Creek Valley Wildlife Management Area on May 22. We found Plum Creek to be inadequate for camping, and it’s also difficult to get to by bike. ... Read More »

Cowboy Trail Tour 2014

Cowboy Trail Flyer Edited

Update (5/7/2013): After scouting out the trail on Monday, Jamie and I are making one change. On May 22, we will not be stopping at Plum Creek WMA. Instead, we will ride on another 10 miles to stay at the town of Wood Lake. We have found Plum Creek WMA to be too far from the trail, inaccessible by bike, and it’s also not suitable for camping. Wood Lake has a nice park for camping, food and water. With that ... Read More »

Burning Cedar Tree Piles at Grove Lake WMA


In an effort to reclaim native grassland ridges and openings, biologists at Grove Lake Wildlife Management Area near Royal have been cutting down eastern red cedar trees that have overrun many parts of the WMA. Although native to Nebraska, cedar trees are often invasive. They thrive and spread quickly, and if left unchecked, cedars can take over a piece of ground in just a few years, choking out more desirable vegetation and wildlife species that depend on open grassland. Like ... Read More »

Snow Goose Recipe From New York

As a writer, getting letters from readers can be one of the most rewarding things that can happen. It lets me know that my work is interesting and engaging to at least one person out there, and it has me on cloud nine for the rest of the day. This morning, I received a snow goose recipe all the way from New York! It was in response to a snow goose recipe I offered in our March 2014 NEBRASKAland Magazine. ... Read More »