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Barbs and Backlashes

Daryl Bauer has been a fisheries biologist for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for 20 years and is the fisheries outreach program manager. A seminar speaker on fish biology and fishing techniques Daryl shares his educational knowledge with our community of fishing enthusiasts.

Bed Time for ‘Gill


I have pursued, and caught, some of the biggest, baddest fish that swim Nebraska waters.  Spending hours, even days fishing hard with little to show for it knowing that the one fish I might catch could be huge is not a problem–love fishing like that every chance I get.  But, I also love a little more action and a return to my roots, the same roots most of us anglers share, sitting on a shoreline dabbling bobbers and baits in ... Read More »

McConaughy Makes Top 10!


You all know I am a Nebraska “homer”–“There is No Place Like Nebraska”.  Yes, part of the reason for that is it is my job, but more importantly, Nebraska IS home, always has been. So, it is nice to see Nebraska waters get some recognition as having excellent fishing. . . . In-Fisherman Top 10 Midwest Walleye Fisheries I fully realize there is a lot of good fishing in a lot of places and I have a list of out-of-state waters ... Read More »

Siouxland Fly Fishing Club, 2015


I am heading up to Sioux City this weekend; will be at the monthly meeting of the Siouxland Fly Fishing Club Saturday morning.  The club meets at 9:00 a.m. to do some fly-tying and then their meeting and my presentation, will get going at 10:00.  If you are in that area, please stop by.  They meet at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center on the Iowa side of the Missouri and Big Sioux rivers.  Come for the meeting if you can, ... Read More »

Cross Training


I get a little tired with the exclusivity some anglers have:  You know, “I’m a walleye angler”, or “I only fish for bass”, “Catfish or nothing”.  I get it, we naturally have our favorites, but it gets real old when some are so snobbish that they despise other fish that end up on the end of their lines.  They just do not get it.  Oh, I have my favorites too, but I believe that you can actually become a better angler for ... Read More »

Family Fishing Nights 2015


Time is flying through the Memorial Day weekend already and that means summer is off and running!  We have already hosted a couple of Family Fishing Nights, but things are really going to get busy now!  We have more family fishing events scheduled for this summer than ever before, let me highlight them: In our southwest region, In our northeast region, In the panhandle, In southeast Nebraska, And in the metro areas, If you would like to see all the ... Read More »

Is the new boat ramp at Burchard open yet?


One of the most popular questions in my office this week is the one that titles this blog post.  Folks assume that since it has been raining, the new boat ramp at Burchard must be open already: Burchard Lake filling slowly– boat ramp remains closed An aquatic habitat rehabilitation project at Burchard Reservoir a couple of years ago required an 11-foot draw down to repair the outlet structure.  During the project, enough water remained in the reservoir to maintain the ... Read More »

It’s a Wrap, Spring 2015 Turkey Season


As I write this, there are still eleven days left in Nebraska’s 2015 spring turkey season, but I believe my kids and I are done with our time spent in the field with those big, beautiful birds this spring.  Time to give you a report on our adventures. . . . Spring has been particularly busy for me this year, and by “busy” I mean stuff I have to get done, work stuff.  I hate it when that gets in the ... Read More »

Safe Boating Week 2015


We are in the middle of National Safe Boating Week and this is a reminder we all need! To make the point even more, take a few minutes and watch this video: I fish, I know how much us anglers hate to wear a bulky, uncomfortable, hot and sweaty life jacket.  I know, I get it.  I also know there are lots of life jacket options available now and you can put one of the inflatables on at the beginning ... Read More »

“It’s All in the Pause”


Finally found another funny fishing commercial to share with you heading into the weekend. Of course it is a Rapala commercial. . . . I love fishing suspending crankbaits, In Suspense.  They are a very effective bait that work in many different fishing situations.  There was a time when I had to “doctor” my own baits to make them neutrally-bouyant; I am thrilled there are so many versions available commercially now.  The new ShadowRap is a little different bait, a ... Read More »

Pawnee Reservoir Low-Dose Rotenone Treatment Re-visited


Some of you may remember that fisheries managers for the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission tried an experimental fisheries management technique at Pawnee Reservoir a year ago last fall, Pawnee Renovation.  Unlike typical rotenone renovations where all fish are removed from a body of water, the effort at Pawnee was one where we hoped that a relatively low dose of rotenone would selectively eliminate gizzard shad and white perch. Let me share some more of what we know about that fisheries ... Read More »