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Barbs and Backlashes

Daryl Bauer has been a fisheries biologist for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for 20 years and is the fisheries outreach program manager. A seminar speaker on fish biology and fishing techniques Daryl shares his educational knowledge with our community of fishing enthusiasts.

Easter Egg Hunt


It is that time of year again and Nebraska fisheries workers are on their annual Easter egg hunt–for walleye eggs.  If you missed this, here is the official news release: Game and Parks Commission to begin Walleye Egg Collection LINCOLN — The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission plans to begin collecting adult, spawning walleyes in late March. The Commission plans to collect approximately 76 million eggs to meet the 2015 stocking requests. Anglers should be aware that Game and Parks ... Read More »

New Reservoir


It has been long-awaited, but if you go to the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resource District’s website you will find this news! Prairie Queen Recreation Area Opening Set for March 31st I have often said that I wish all reservoirs built 30+ years ago were built the way we can build them now when given the chance to partner with a dam-building entity like the Papio-Missouri River NRD.  Simply put, reservoirs can be built with water quality, fish, anglers, and aquatic habitat in ... Read More »

Fishing Stereotypes


It is Friday and time for a little fun. . . . I joke this time of year that the weather gets nice and everyone considers themselves to be a fisherperson.  Folks that may not pick up a rod & reel the rest of the year have an undeniable itch to go fishing when we get a nice, warm, spring afternoon.  That is great! What kind of a fisherperson are they? How many of those different stereotypes have you met? ... Read More »

Hero Shot


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my son with a very nice, 36-inch pike he pulled through an ice hole this winter.  I put all of my blog posts on my FaceBook page too, and there a friend was giving me a bad time about the “hero shots” and holding fish closer to the camera to make them look bigger.  Another friend chimed in and said something that I thought was profound; I want to share it ... Read More »

Open House


If you are in the area and can make it to this meeting next week, we would love to have you! Commission to Host Meeting on Valentine-Area Projects LINCOLN – A public informational meeting will be held in Valentine on March 26 to discuss several planned improvements for fishing, boating and angler access in the area. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will host the meeting at the Niobrara Lodge, 803 E. U.S. Highway ... Read More »



I have three large oak trees in my yard.  When I am up on the roof cleaning gutters or raking 16 tons of leaves, I sometimes mumble unpleasantries about those trees.  But then every once in awhile, and it has happened frequently the past few weeks, after dark, I hear an unique call outside.  It sounds like this: On occasion the kids and I can shine a flashlight up into one of those trees and even spot the little screech owl ... Read More »



Last weekend I was informed, sort of anonymously on the inter-web, that I was a fine, lazy state worker.  Ironically, that came after working my seventh weekend out of the ten since the first of the year.  I recalled that yesterday when I actually got out of the office to help with some field work.  I do not do that often anymore, but on occasion I get to be back on the water helping one of our field biologists.  The occasion yesterday was ... Read More »

Spring Trout Stocking 2015


I know the spring trout stocking schedule went out in a news release last Friday, but my phone continues to ring, the weather is nice, and folks are ready to go fishing!  We have a lot of fish out there already, you do NOT have to wait for the stocking truck before going fishing, but the put & take trout stocking is very popular especially for young anglers and beginners, so look this list over and then GO FISH!  Stocking ... Read More »

Boat Show


Sport show/seminar/banquet season is drawing to a close for me.  It is time to “shut up and fish!”  I have one last boat show I am working this weekend: I will be at Waconda Boats in Rep. City on Saturday; giving seminars on the 2015 Fishing Forecast for all of Nebraska at 10:00 and 2:00.  If you are in the area, stop by, check things out, tell me a fish story! Read More »

Second Season


We have had an “on again, off again” ice fishing season this year.  As the calendar rolled into February I was seeking treatment for depression after an unusually warm January had brought my ice fishing season to a premature end.  Then as it usually happens in Nebraska, the weather, the climate, changed and it got cold again and my ice season was re-born.  I was thrilled to have a second season.  Actually, with the freeze/thaw cycle that we had repeated ... Read More »