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Barbs and Backlashes

Daryl Bauer has been a fisheries biologist for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for 20 years and is the fisheries outreach program manager. A seminar speaker on fish biology and fishing techniques Daryl shares his educational knowledge with our community of fishing enthusiasts.

It Is a Fish Eat Rat World


It is Friday, quick blog post today, returning to one of my favorite subjects–predator/prey interactions! A co-worker sent me some photos this week of a largemouth bass his son caught recently.  Take a close look at this first photo and see if you can guess what that bass recently ate, look deep in the throat: Cannot tell?  Here is more of a clue: If you have not been “grossed out” yet, this will give it away: You may think that ... Read More »

“Super Predators”


I was browsing the Omaha World Herald yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see a full-color picture of an ice angler holding a nice northern pike.  What was really surprising about this was that this picture and the accompanying story were not in the outdoor section or even sports section of the newspaper.  They were on the back page of the front section!  Here is the story, Report details killing tendencies of nature’s most lethal predator. As you can imagine, ... Read More »

Say It Isn’t So!


Bad news in today’s blog post.  It is very important that every user of Nebraska’s waters is aware of this and what they can do about it! Zebra Mussels Found at Lewis and Clark Lake LINCOLN – Cooperation from boaters and anglers is urgently needed to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species following the discovery of zebra mussels in Lewis and Clark Lake in northeast Nebraska. Earlier this week, the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks found ... Read More »

Boat Launching


I have been highlighting some of the angler access improvement projects we have completed recently.  Many of those projects have included new and improved boat ramps.  However, I realize some of you may still find it challenging to get your boat down the ramp.  If you are one of those folks, and admit it, we all could use some help, here is an idea for you. . . . The Red Green Show was the best and for the record ... Read More »

Adventure Report–“Back in White”


It had been awhile, but my family and I finally were able to get back to the western Nebraska panhandle last week.  We stayed a couple of nights at Ft. Robinson, and did a lot of things while we were out “west”:  senior pictures, attended a wedding, saw a lot of sights, and spent time with family.  But, you know the fishing gear went with us and my son and I put it to use. The Pine Ridge region of ... Read More »

Angler Access and Rehabilitation Improvements, Burchard Lake


Told you about a celebration of an angler access improvement project last week; have another one this week: Public Invited to Open House at Burchard Lake LINCOLN – The public is invited to an open house to see the new aquatic habitat and fishing access improvements at Burchard Lake. The event is set for Aug. 21 from 5-7 p.m. at Burchard Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The event will be held at the boat ramp on the north side of the lake. ... Read More »

Fish Eat Ground Crew Worker World


Gonna return to one of my favorite themes again today, but this time with a little bit warped, humorous twist for the weekend: First time I watched that I sat and laughed out loud. As I have discovered, that is the ZOOperstars “Mackeral Jordan”.  BRILLIANT! We are in the middle of summer and that means the middle of baseball season!  Lincoln has its American Association minor league team, the Saltdogs.  When the Lincoln franchise was started they were looking for some mascot ... Read More »

Yes, Fish are Slimy!


Buried deep in the volumes of Nebraska State Statutes, Chapter 37, you can find this: 37-542. Fish unlawfully taken; duty of angler. All fish which cannot lawfully be taken shall be returned to the water at once with as little injury as possible, if taken, and before removing or attempting to remove such fish from the hook it shall be the duty of the angler to first wet his or her hands. Now, some will immediately throw up a red ... Read More »

Angler Access Improvements, Johnson Lake

angler-access-logo (1)

Noticed this news item in our “NGPC Weekly” last week. Johnson Lake Angler Access Project to be Dedicated The public is invited to a dedication of a renovated ADA-accessible fishing area at Johnson Lake State Recreation Area on Saturday, Aug. 15 at 11 a.m. The area will be named for Myron Berggren and Oliver Berggren. From Oct 2014 through May 2015, NGPC completed a $230,000 project to improve angler access at the inlet area of Johnson Lake. Improvements include two ... Read More »

It Is a Cat Eat Trout World


It is Friday, let me get up a quick blog post before the weekend. . . . You all know I am fascinated by predator/prey interactions, especially those that occur below the surface of the water.  This week our Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium posted a video on their FaceBook page.  You need to watch it! Cat Eats Trout I love going to aquariums, especially our Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium where I can see Nebraska fish!  I can stand and watch fish in an aquarium ... Read More »