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Barbs and Backlashes

Daryl Bauer has been a fisheries biologist for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for 20 years and is the fisheries outreach program manager. A seminar speaker on fish biology and fishing techniques Daryl shares his educational knowledge with our community of fishing enthusiasts.

The Art of Fly Fishing


I am not sure where I found this, believe it was e-mailed to me, but I know it is good and I am going to recommend you check it out.  Orvis has a series of fly-fishing instructional videos they will e-mail you if you sign up, The Art of Fly Fishing . I am NOT some fly-fishing purist by any means, and I am not sponsored by Orvis.  My philosophy is that I want to catch fish and I will use ... Read More »

Tune In


My co-worker and buddy, Greg Wagner, usually blogs on Friday and mentions his weekly radio show which airs every Saturday morning on 1620 The Zone .  Greg has been busy at “deer camp” this week, so I want to mention it for him–tune in tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. central time. Greg’s show is always a good one because Greg is a wealth of information and he always has great guests (tomorrow’s guest might be a little “sketchy” but we ... Read More »

“Safety First”


I have been blogging about Nebraska’s outdoors, mostly about fish and fishing, for several years now, long enough to know that certain seasonal topics are repeated year after year.  When we have ice, I am going to be blogging about ice fishing.  I love to ice-fish and you can count on me blogging about it.  That also means that every year I am going to blog about ice safety!  I hope folks do not think I am being some kind of ... Read More »

Niobrara River Meetings


The Niobrara River has its origins just across Nebraska’s western border.  Other than that, it runs entirely within Nebraska’s borders and is without a doubt one of the state’s most unique and important natural resources.  Its hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities are among the best not only in Nebraska, but in the country. If you have not had the opportunity to experience any of those Niobrara River recreational resources, you need to, as soon as possible.  But even if ... Read More »

If That Trophy Could Talk. . . .


Tomorrow is a holiday for many Nebraskans–the opening of rifle deer season!  I love the variety of hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities that Nebraska offers, including some big game hunting, but not a lot.  However, I have done enough to know why tomorrow is such a big day, and I know there will be a lot of folks who have a hard time sleeping tonight.  We have some cold weather, the rut is in full swing, there will be some ... Read More »



Let me tell you about a little project I spent a few days on a couple weeks ago.  The Keith County Visitors Committee was having some filming done this fall promoting the variety of outdoor activities available in the area.  They asked me to come out and do some on-camera interviews about the fisheries, maybe catch a few fish on camera, and provide whatever assistance I could.  I always jump at any chance I have to get around our great state ... Read More »

Veteran’s Day 2014


Quick post today.  I am trying to get out of the office here before the “Ice Age” hits.  I will tell you one thing, I am not sure the weather is any worse than it has ever been in Nebraska, but I am sure the hype is WAY MORE than it used to be. I digress. I am betting most of you know tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.  Yep, that means a holiday for me tomorrow.  Yesssss!  However, may I suggest ... Read More »

“The Eat”


The weather forecast for next week is cold.  Of course I will be all fired up to hit the ice as soon as it is safe, but I hate to see my fall fishing come to an end. I may never cast a spey rod on some western river trying to catch a steelhead, but there is a lot in this video that I can relate to. A lot that tells you why I hope I have a few weeks of ... Read More »

Deep Water Mortality


I am going deep with this blog post, no pun intended.  Have to start with a story. . . . Several years back on a late October day, I spent some time fishing Elwood Reservoir with the maintenance man from our headquarters facilities (yes, even our maintenance men hunt and fish!).  We found some baitfish in deep water, in fact I will never forget watching the depth-finder, jigging a Rattle Snakie in 51 feet of water, when I hooked a really nice fish–ended up ... Read More »

High School Bass Fishing Regionals


If you remember back in July we held our Nebraska High School Bass Fishing Championship at Merritt Reservoir, 2014 High School Bass Fishing Championship .  Twenty-four teams from across Nebraska participated at that tournament and I believe the competitors did a very good job of catching fish.  At that time I told you that our top two teams could advance to the regional finals held this year on the Red River in Louisiana.  Our Nebraska teams have done very well at ... Read More »