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7-11 Gets Whacked


The turkeys are gobbling and I am not in the office much.  I do however have time to tell you some stories about recent success. . . . My family and I spent some time “back home” over Easter weekend.  We did all the family activities, and then spent as much time as possible in the field with the birds.  I am not going to tell you that we punched a bunch of tags, but my son Daniel did take ... Read More »

Gobblers, Largemouths, Morels and More in Less than a Week


Timing is everything when it comes to being successful bagging your quarry in Nebraska’s outdoor scene. But, one of the many reasons I enjoy the outdoor lifestyle in my home state of Nebraska so much is its tremendous mixed bag potential when the weather cooperates and wild things come into alignment. In less than one week I have managed to have success with targeting three major quarries with some added bonuses. I called in and shot two, big wild tom turkeys with the spring shotgun turkey season in full swing. I managed ... Read More »

Back to Squeezing


I have to admit that my job duties have evolved over the years.  I do not get out to do a lot of field work anymore.  Most of my “field work” is done with a fishing rod in hand while I am off duty.  Every spring Fisheries Division employees are very busy with collecting fish and eggs, stocking fish, etc. etc.  Spring is one of the busiest times of the year.  Many of those efforts take extra man-power and it ... Read More »

Cowboy Trail Tour 2014

Cowboy Trail Flyer Edited

I will be biking the entire Cowboy Trail from Norfolk to Valentine with my co-worker and (awesome) friend Jamie Bachmann from May 17-23. Anyone is welcome to join us! Below is our schedule. We are still hashing out the finer details, but if you’re interested, meet us at 8:00 AM at the trail head at Ta-Ha-Zouka Park in Norfolk on Saturday, May 17. You can choose to ride the entire way with us or just for a few miles. Or, ... Read More »



BREAKING NEWS: I have received the first report of someone finding morel mushrooms along the Platte River. The pics below are from my friend Keith Anderson! Keith told me they grew 3/4 inch since he had seen them yesterday at 4:00 p.m. Thanks for the morel update, Keith! #Nebraskamorels Read More »

Friday Funny: Turkey Talk


Here’s a #FridayFunny I came across on the Internet from Fatal Approach (Game) Calls about spring wild turkey hunting. The other day, I saw two big gobblers checking out me in my hunting blind. I think they were talking about turkey calling ability (or lack thereof)! That’s why they wouldn’t come within shooting range! Can turkeys laugh? Have a safe, fun weekend in the field. It’s all about making memories and the stories of the hunt! Remember, the helicopter incident with our Jeff Rawlinson of Game and Parks and his ... Read More »

Pike eat Pike World


You know I love the whole predator eats prey “thing”.  Those dramas are fascinating to me and if you are an angler, you better have a good understanding of those relationships.  To catch fish, you not only have to figure out where they are, you have to get them to bite.  That is why having an understanding of what your target fish are preying upon is doubly important. I found this video on the internet, and I love it.  No, ... Read More »

Spring is in the air, and a boy’s thoughts turn to. . . .GOBBLERS!


Every year about this time I warn you that I mostly blog about fish and fishing except when those beautiful, big, Tom turkeys are gobbling.  That time is NOW.  I will still be on the water when I get a chance, but there is so much to do in Nebraska’s great outdoors in the coming weeks, so you will have to forgive me if my one-track fishing mind is a little distracted.  Do not worry, I will continue to share ... Read More »

Wildlife Wednesday: Fields of Dreams


If you manage it, they will thrive! “ “We don’t always understand that you cannot plant wildlife habitat and let it go, it needs to be managed,” says Eric Zach, Agricultural Program Manager here at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “A landowner must set the stage for better years regarding upland game bird nesting and brood-rearing cover,” he adds. Well put, Eric, well put! With that information in mind, we travel to our Wagner family farm in southeast Nebraska ... Read More »

Pallid Sturgeon Broodstock Collections


It is spring and spawning is in the air.  Every early April for the past several years our Missouri River fisheries biologists along with a lot of great help from volunteers, have ventured onto the Missouri River to capture endangered pallid sturgeon.  Specifically, the pallid sturgeon they are hoping to catch are female pallid sturgeon.  When the right fish are captured, those female pallid sturgeon are hauled to fish hatcheries where eggs can be collected in order to produced more ... Read More »