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Wildcat Hills Nature Center Expansion Begins

Architectural drawing of expansion. (Courtesy of Studio 120 Architecture)

One of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s premier facilities in the Panhandle is about to become even more impressive. Construction has officially begun on an addition to the Wildcat Hills Nature Center south of Gering. The $2.375 million expansion will add 8,720 square feet to the building, which serves as headquarters for the Commission’s educational programs in the region and the 700-acre Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area. The new construction will more than double the size of the existing ... Read More »

The Worst Fishing Products


It is Friday before a holiday weekend; time to lighten up a bit. . . . I have not posted anything about KVD lately, no not Kevin VanDam, the other KVD, Karl VonDibble.  The internet is full of lists, top 10 this, top 10 that. . . here is a good one from KVD: For the record, I have seen some beard flies that were quite excellent (the fish do not care what they look like), and craw chaw really ... Read More »

See You on Radio, at Fair


This Saturday will certainly be a busy one but a fun one for me, and I hope you’ll join me at two different places! First, Conservation Officer Rich Berggren of Waterloo, NE and I take our conversation from the field to the metro area’s only outdoor talk radio show of which I host — The Great Outdoor Radio Show. Rich and I will cover regulation reminders, helpful outdoor tips, safety considerations and more for this holiday weekend that finds you doing a myriad of activities in Nebraska’s great outdoor ... Read More »

Hunting Info on WOWT 6 Outdoors


It’s a popular time for hunting in Nebraska with several early seasons kicking off like Dove (Sept. 1) and soon, Teal (Lows Plains – Sept. 5 and High Plains – Sept. 12). So, I’ll be offering up some key hunting information about those early seasons for you on my weekly TV outdoor report as well as getting in a plug for our Hunters Helping the Hungry Program which opened with the arrival of September and Nebraska’s archery deer hunting season! My weekly TV outdoor report airs LIVE ... Read More »

It Is Froggin’ Time!


Our Nebraska bullfrog season has been open for over two weeks now and I have not said anything about it.  I do not need to!  Check out Mark Davis’ article that ran in the Omaha World-Herald last weekend, Summer Evenings Around Ponds Make for Perfect Time to Grab Large Bullfrogs.  Mark is an excellent photographer and got some great shots to go with that story, make sure you check them out. Mark went frogging with a couple of experts who ... Read More »

News on the Pallid Sturgeon Front


Every spring I try to update you on the pallid sturgeon brood stock collection efforts on Nebraska’s Missouri River (e.g. 2015 Pallid Sturgeon Broodstock Collection).  Here is a follow-up, here is why our crews and a host of volunteers put in that effort: Recovery Efforts Continue with Stocking of Pallid Sturgeon in Missouri River Posted by: Jerry Kane, August 26, 2015 LINCOLN – More than 2,000 5- to 6-inch pallid sturgeon were stocked in the channelized portion of the Missouri River ... Read More »

10 Things about Beautiful, Beneficial Bats!

Eastern red bat. Photo courtesy of Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc.

Wild bats. They get such a bad rep. Most likely it’s because they’re portrayed in popular culture and the media as scary, blood-sucking, rabid creatures of the night that live in dark, stank places. They are the subjects of creepy, Halloween tales and horror stories. Gosh darn, I think that’s a shame! As a resource professional, I view bats as a native, beneficial component of our natural world and so should you! In fact, I think they’re cool. No, check that, I think they’re beautiful! Look! So, here are 10 things you should know about ... Read More »

It Is a Fish Eat Rat World


It is Friday, quick blog post today, returning to one of my favorite subjects–predator/prey interactions! A co-worker sent me some photos this week of a largemouth bass his son caught recently.  Take a close look at this first photo and see if you can guess what that bass recently ate, look deep in the throat: Cannot tell?  Here is more of a clue: If you have not been “grossed out” yet, this will give it away: You may think that ... Read More »

Hunting on Great Outdoor Show


The arrival of September will mean the opening of two very popular hunting seasons in Nebraska — Dove and Archery Deer. In order to assist you and your young folks in getting ready for them, hunting expert Ray Schuette of Plattsmouth, NE pays a special visit to my Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show. Don’t miss an opportunity to chat with Ray! He is an accomplished hunter, a certified volunteer hunter education instructor, and a mentor in our Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Mentored Youth Archery ... Read More »

“Super Predators”


I was browsing the Omaha World Herald yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see a full-color picture of an ice angler holding a nice northern pike.  What was really surprising about this was that this picture and the accompanying story were not in the outdoor section or even sports section of the newspaper.  They were on the back page of the front section!  Here is the story, Report details killing tendencies of nature’s most lethal predator. As you can imagine, ... Read More »