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Super Smoked Trout Recipe


With it being Super Bowl weekend and a number of you Nebraska anglers with rainbow trout in your freezers, I thought no better time than now to pass along once again a super-tasty smoked trout recipe to make for your Super Bowl party! This is one of the easiest recipes to complete for smoked trout whether at home or in the cabin, no smoker needed! It comes to us from Jo Momsen whom I work with at our NE Game ... Read More »

Christy Christiansen on Great Outdoor Radio Show


Quick note to invite you to join Christy Christiansen, accomplished outdoor enthusiast and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Outdoor Education Specialist, when she visits my Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show. You’ll find Christy, who is primarily based at Platte River State Park, to be very informative! She’ll be letting you know you of various opportunities where you and your family can learn new outdoor skills such as Dutch oven cooking. In fact, she just put together a how-to video presentation about that. Take a look. ... Read More »

Final Days


Tomorrow (1/31) marks the final day of the upland bird season in Nebraska for this season.  As mentioned in years past (Last Day 2014; End of Season 2013) I do my best to hunt it.  The reasons are many but it simply boils down to the fact that I want to be there. The day will start too early.  The walking may be too wet or slippery thanks to a front moving through tonight. But it will all end too ... Read More »

It’s a Fish Eat Camera World


I have played with underwater cameras only a little bit on Nebraska waters.  In many cases I believe the clarity of our waters limits the usefulness of underwater cameras.  However, like with all technology, it keeps getting better and better and the new “micro” versions of these cameras intrigue me (Aqua-Vu Micro).  Take a look at this video and you will see what I mean. . . . That may just be a tease, because I am not sure how ... Read More »

Scenic Mid-Winter Family Getaway On WOWT 6 Outdoors


I’ll be featuring a scenic, neat mid-winter family getaway on my Weekly TV Outdoor Report airing on Omaha’s WOWT 6 News. We’ll be heading just over two hours north of the metro area to this scenic destination. Nature is the main theme at this premiere Nebraska state park land. Figured out where we’re going yet? How about another photographic hint? See some cool video and find out more about this beautiful state park by tuning in to my outdoor segment which airs LIVE tonight (Thursday, Jan. ... Read More »

Get the Gaff–Out


When I initially wrote this blog post it looked like we were going to have a long and prosperous ice-fishing season.  Now, not so much. . . . However, this is something I still want to mention, something I want some ice anglers to think about; with some cold weather, you might be able to put this into practice yet this ice season.  If not, there is always next year. Gaffs are a tool that can be used to land ... Read More »

Trapping Report from the Creek

Even Opossums Get Smiles

A quick update on our newest hobby – trapping raccoon (A New Addiction Returns).  We hit the second weekend of this new endeavor with lots of enthusiasm and hope.  We had learned a good deal from our first go with it and looked to put this gained knowledge to work.  Armed with twice as many traps (six) we hit the dry creek bottom we had previously. The results were that we learned even more with this second session.  First of ... Read More »



Anyone who waterfowl hunts knows that motion in a decoy spread is crucial.  Sure, there are a plethora of motion decoys on the market to buy — battery-powered ones, mechanical flappers, windsocks, bags, kites, moving shells, etc. However, there is another kind of motion decoy used in waterfowl hunting by the hunter him or herself — the flag. Who would have thought that attaching a set of fabric wings with fairly stiff wire on a wooden dowel in a T-shaped form ... Read More »

“Babe” Even Fishes Nebraska!


I found this on the internet, so I fully realize that many have seen this already.  I want to make sure the rest of you see it too. I know it is a full episode, 16-some minutes long, but I also know that some of you will want to watch all of it. . . . Our Game & Parks Commission’s personnel Colby Johnson and Darrol Eichner were both featured in that episode and did a really good job!  Nicely ... Read More »

Blind Food

The Monster Bacon Cheese Burger. Made by Jayson Braymen and Tom O'Neill with beef provided by  Brett DeHart.

What is it about eating food in the great outdoors that just makes it taste so good and makes it so memorable, especially in a hunting blind? Is there something about merely being outside in an outdoor setting and eating that’s wired in our DNA? Is it purely psychological because of the semi-enclosed atmosphere and close confines of the blind with good friends?   I don’t know what it is exactly. But, generally, things really do taste better when we eat them outside during an outdoor activity, don’t you think? ... Read More »