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How to related articles and blogs from the staff of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Underwater Fish Strikes


I am still waiting for safe ice.  Got a little teaser for the rest of you that are doing the same: I know the underwater camera technology is advancing just like all electronics technology.  I have played with an underwater camera just a little bit on Nebraska waters and in most cases, even under the ice, I consider our waters to be stained enough that the underwater cameras are of limited use.  But, I am sure there are some situations ... Read More »

Decoy Maker Jim Druliner on Great Outdoor Radio Show


Popular decoy maker and avid waterfowl hunter Jim Druliner of Omaha, NE comes to my Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show to talk about Canada goose hunting in Nebraska plus other hunting and waterfowl-related subjects.  I think Jim spends more time in the goose blind than at home, HA!   Jim is the designer/producer of the widely used Sillosocks Darn Fine (Windsock) Decoys for waterfowl hunting. Jim likes to use his decoys with other commercially made ones in a spread.   ... Read More »

Snow Birds

Snowy Day Rooster

With snow in the forecast last night, and looking to escape the indoor office thing, I snuck in a quick bird hunt this morning.  This was the first halfway decent snow in my hunting area since I was sidetracked by the November rifle deer season.  And as most bird hunters know a new snow on a landscape where there wasn’t any before is a wonderful thing (First Snow). With a chill in the air and snow underfoot, Carrot, my diminutive ... Read More »

Any Tool is the Right Tool


Still waiting for safe ice; I have been digging through my tackle, buying new stuff, sorting, getting gear ready, thinking about a few things. . . . We use a variety of small jigs and “tear drops” for catching panfish through the ice.  Those baits match some of the smaller prey that those panfish eat during the winter.  Naturally, those small baits have small hooks, and those hooks are usually sharp and hook fish easily.  However, do NOT assume that they ... Read More »

Huntin’ Geese? You Don’t Need Water


Water along with some ice shelves are great for hunting Canada geese this time of year, no question.     It sure is nice to be able hunt the Canadas (“Cans” as I like to call them) over that water scenario from the warm confines of a heated pit blind with some of the comforts of home.     But, do you really need water and pit blinds to successfully hunt Canada geese in Nebraska? No, not necessarily. Field hunting for Canadas is a ton of fun! It’s also much cheaper, easier and quicker ... Read More »

The Forget-Me-Not-Five (and Other Regulations) for Waterfowl Hunting


It’s December in Nebraska and it’s filled with many hunting traditions as family and friends get together for the holidays. Many hunters I know, including myself, are gonna be concentrating on hunting waterfowl, most notably Canada geese. With that in mind, I was told the other day by our local conservation officer Rich Berggren out of Waterloo, NE as well as avid waterfowl hunter, Kyle Simpson of Elkhorn, NE, that I should remind waterfowlers of some general regulations. So, here goes. Waterfowl hunters 16 years of age and older ... Read More »



Let me slip into my biologist/limnologist hat for this blog post.  No, I do not actually have a biologist/limnologist hat; it is the same as my fishing cap, which by the way, is on my head most of the time. I love to fish year-round, 12 months out of the year I will be on the water.  One of my strategies when the water is cold is to slow down, fish slower.  I have often told anglers that the reason ... Read More »

Fall into Winter Fishing

Jeff Kurrus/NEBRASKAland Magazine

Here we are in December, and there’s no reason for the weird Nebraska weather of 2014 to stop now. In typical fashion, we were just freezing cold a few weeks ago around Thanksgiving. Now, we’re back to above normal temps, and I hope some of you have been out taking advantage of it, like we have been. We made it to Harlan Friday for a day on the water, and managed to have a little bit of fun. We found ... Read More »

Ice Fishing Primer


Interested in getting into ice fishing?  Want to know what it takes to get started? We are hosting a “beginning ice fishing” workshop at the Outdoor Education Center in Lincoln this Thursday night, Dec. 11.  The Outdoor Education Center is located just north of Superior Street in north Lincoln, 44th and Superior. This will be a “classroom” workshop, so no, no hands-on ice-fishing this time.  We have some of those workshops coming later this winter, and we ain’t got enough ice ... Read More »

Preparing Wild Fish and Game on Great Outdoor Radio Show


Executive Chef Gene Cammarota of Omaha, NE gives you helpful hints on preparing wild fish and game for your guests over the holiday period on the Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show I host. Gene is a chef with a dynamic personality and is well known in professional cooking circles. He is also an instructor at Iowa Western Community College’s Culinary Arts Program and hosts his own cooking show called “What’s Cookin’?” from 10-11 a.m. CST on Omaha radio station 1180 AM. My program airs LIVE every Saturday morning from ... Read More »