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How to related articles and blogs from the staff of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Six Cures for (Late-Winter) Cabin Fever


Brrrr! It’s been so cold outside! Temperatures have been running far below normal as evidenced this past week by the large thermometer I have in our backyard. Off and on, I continue to suffer from cabin fever! How about you? From my vantage point in eastern Nebraska, we’re kind of in between seasons in the state’s outdoor scene, too. As a sportsman, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of snow and Ross’s geese for light goose conservation order hunting here in eastern Nebraska and open water fishing for various ... Read More »

Catfishing Tips, How-To Fishing Events and More on Great Outdoor Radio Show


Fishing for catfish, how-to fishing events and more will be featured on tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) Great Outdoor Radio Show that I host. Our special call-in guest for part of the program will be Brad Durick of Grand Forks and Drayton, North Dakota who successfully and professionally  guides catfish anglers on the famous Red River of the North. Don’t miss the show! It runs from 9-10 a.m. CST on Omaha’s KOZN Radio/1620 AM “The Zone.” Feel free to give us a call if you have ... Read More »

Pike Y-Bone Removal


You know that I am always getting up on a “soap box” to  promote catch & release fishing:  It is a fact of life for sport anglers nowadays.  You will either be required by regulation to release at least some of the fish you catch or you will choose to voluntarily release some of your catch; it is important for developing and maintaining quality fishing..  I believe the best practice is what has been termed “selective harvest”–choosing to harvest a few ... Read More »

Critter Calling


I seem to always dust off the rimfire guns in late winter. I get out the 22 mag revolver or 17 hmr rifle and head to the woods in search of critters that will come to the call. Coon calling is one of my favorite things to do and we still have until the end of February  to get out and give it a try. These guys can be easy to call in at times and provide loads of fun ... Read More »

Want to be a better angler?


At some point every winter our ice leaves and we typically are left with at least a few days if not weeks of “‘tweener time”–water is not hard enough to walk on, but still too cold for most fish to be very active.  I have some fishing strategies for those times and would tell you I will spend at least some time on the water every month of the year, but I still end up with some time between the ... Read More »

Work on the Sheds


It’s time to start work on the “sheds!” Well, to work to find shed deer antlers, that is! Perhaps you saw the recent news release my NE Game and Parks compatriot Jerry Kane did with me about the unofficial start of shed deer antler hunting season in Nebraska? Nice job, Jer, by the way! If you didn’t see it, here it is. Get Outdoors for Shed Deer Antler Hunt Posted by: Jerry Kane February 12, 2015 in NGPC News Leave a comment LINCOLN ... Read More »

Let’s Talk Light Geese on Great Outdoor Radio Show


Dr. Mark Vrtiska, Waterfowl Program Manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, visits this Saturday Morning’s (Feb. 14)Great Outdoor Radio Show. Mark, will be discussing all aspects of the current Light Goose Conservation Order hunting period on snow and Ross’s geese. The Great Outdoor Radio Show airs from 9-10 a.m. CST on Omaha’s KOZN Radio/1620 AM “The Zone.” Give us a listen! Remember that you can be part of the conversation on the program. Here are the phone numbers ... Read More »



Following the Super Bowl, which I thought lacked in creative commercials, I was lamenting to my family that I had not seen any good fishing commercials this year either.  I have thought that many of the Rapala commercials over the years have been particularly creative and entertaining. Then I got an e-mail with this video.  I think they are taking a different path this year. . . . That is pretty gutsy, calling the shot.  We will see how that ... Read More »

All About Walleye on Great Outdoor Radio Show


What do you want to know about fishing for walleye? Hey, I know who to ask. The great guys and gals at the award-winning Nebraska Walleye Association. Join Nebraska Walleye Association Board Members and Tournament Anglers, Rich Losee and Rich McShane, on this Saturday morning’s (Feb. 7) LIVE Great Outdoor Radio Show from 9-10 a.m. CST on Omaha’s KOZN/1620 AM “The Zone.” These gents will share their wealth of knowledge regarding walleye fishing in Nebraska with you. They’ll also let you know what events their organization has ... Read More »

Now What?


I know you get tired of my blogging about it, but as I look out the window today I feel compelled to say something about this again–ice safety.  I got a phone call from a guy this week; all he wanted to know was the best waters in his area to go ice-fishing.  The thought that the ice might not be safe had never even crossed his mind–we have had snow and cold again, and he was going ice-fishing.  I could ... Read More »