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Hunting related articles and blogs from the staff of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Turkeys Are Still Talking

These two literally pounded the jake decoy

With just two weekends left in the 2015 Nebraska Spring Turkey Hunting Season, we may be in the ninth inning, but there is still time to score on a gobbler.  In fact, some hunters will find the best hunts of the season in the final days this year. During the peak of breeding, gobblers often have all the hen-attention they want. We are now past this point and the boys are working harder to find willing hens.   Some are more ... Read More »

It’s a Wrap, Spring 2015 Turkey Season


As I write this, there are still eleven days left in Nebraska’s 2015 spring turkey season, but I believe my kids and I are done with our time spent in the field with those big, beautiful birds this spring.  Time to give you a report on our adventures. . . . Spring has been particularly busy for me this year, and by “busy” I mean stuff I have to get done, work stuff.  I hate it when that gets in the ... Read More »

Hanging with the Ladies


It was text book spring turkey the morning my son and I guarded the woodland edge in southern Nebraska.  The first bird sounded off from the roost as the dark of night just started giving way that cloudy early morning.  From the sounds of it the turkey was not far off, either. We clucked back a soft reply and were quickly cutoff by the bird.  A little while later we tried some yelps and received another excited response.  Every call ... Read More »

Earl Fletcher Talks Morels on Great Outdoor Radio Show


Don’t miss 84-year-old, Korean War Veteran and 50-plus year morel mushroom hunter, Earl Fletcher of Omaha, NE, when he visits my  Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show to talk “morels!” Earl is a veteran among veteran morel mushroom hunters and has much information to share with you. Below he is pictured with his daughter Sue Smith on a recent morel mushroom hunt in eastern Nebraska. The Great Outdoor Radio Show airs LIVE Saturday morning from 9-10 a.m. CST on Omaha’s KOZN Radio/1620 AM “The Zone.”  ... Read More »

All Turkeys, All the Time


It is spring and the turkeys are gobbling.  That is all that is on my mind, all the time. . . and, I mean ALL the time. I found that picture on the internet someplace.  Do not know if it is respectful of the toms or disrespectful?  Would love to have one in the “man cave” though! Have a great weekend everyone, you know where I will be!   Read More »

Jake Decoys Work

We have come a long ways with our decoys over the last ten years.   20 years ago we had a few hard body decoys and some foam critters that looked like a ginger bread cutout.  They worked but when things went south, you always felt like it could have been the decoy.  They just looked like lipstick on a pig! Over the last few years, manufacturers have begun to figure out that the key to decoys is posture.   ... Read More »

Tuesdays are for Toms


Thought I’d share a few of my better photos of this past Tuesday’s spring shotgun wild turkey season hunt with you. One of the many reasons I love spring wild turkey hunting in Nebraska is calling in and watching a big, old tom like this one. The words of Ben Franklin ring true when I am observing wild turkeys. For my own part I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country. He is a Bird of bad ... Read More »

Long Live Trashtalker!


Once in a great while we are blessed with a bird that challenges us to the core!  Trashtalker was that bird.  We met four years ago during a hunt with my daughter.  We had set up in a large hollow or draw that had not shown much activity in the past.  But then…it happened!  A bird sounded off not 100 yards away in the hollow.  It gobbled….roughly 70 times in 45 minutes!  Never met such a vocal bird.  We called ... Read More »

Turkey Report 2015: Henned-Up


Time for my first report on this spring’s turkey season.  My kids and I have been hunting quite a bit since the shotgun season opened up a little over a week ago.  We have been casual about our hunting, slipping out when we have time, mostly in the evenings so far.  Call me lazy, but I have not been in the field at “0-dark, thirty” yet this season. We have been hunting both some private and public lands, have seen ... Read More »