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Tag along with Greg Wagner at “In the Wild with Greg Wagner.” “Wags” will share his knowledge of the outdoors with you and encourage you to get out into the wild and enjoy what Nebraska has to offer.

Come on, Disconnect for a Day!


What would it be like to go without ultra-modern technology? What if you had to give up your mobile communicating device (cell phone), iPad, iPod, laptop computer, digital cable television, satellite car radio, etc. for 24 hours. That would mean no texting, no Tweeting, no Facebook, no Snapchat, no Facetime, no IM-ing, none of that stuff! Could you do it?  Is it even remotely possible? I know, I know. Call me what you want. I’m an old fart, an “old schooler,” a soon-to-be grandpa. But, come on, face ... Read More »

All About Birds on Great Outdoor Radio Show


Bird migrations, bird watching, bird feeding and even more birding topics will be addressed on this Saturday’s Great Outdoor Radio Show. Special guest will be Crinda Williams of Springfield, NE who owns and manages the two For The Wild Birds Stores in the metro. Crinda is heavily into Nebraska birds and the birding world! She’ll be sharing what she knows about our feathered friends and answering any bird-related questions you may have. We’ll also be highlighting the month of May which is ... Read More »

Go Morel Mushroom Hunting with WOWT 6 Outdoors


Come with us as we go out morel mushroom hunting on my Weekly Outdoor Report on Omaha’s WOWT 6 News tonight! Morels have popped up and are being picked in the moist areas of river bottom woodlands and parks here in eastern Nebraska! Soon morels will be emerging in hilly forested areas. They are one of nature’s tastiest delicacies! I’ll be covering some quick tips for morel mushroom hunting on the report which airs LIVE on the WOWT 6 News Thursday at ... Read More »

Daryl Bauer Comes to The Great Outdoor Radio Show


He has graced the cover of our NEBRASKAland Magazine.He’s a fisheries biologist who absolutely, positively loves to fish and catch BIG FISH (I swear there’s gills under those whiskers, HA!) and blog about all of it here. And, he’s coming to my outdoor talk radio show this Saturday morning, April 18th, to talk “fins, fungi and feathers?” Make it a point to not miss Nebraska’s popular fish, fishing and outdoor guru Daryl Bauer of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission when he joins me – ... Read More »

Breaking Outdoor News: Morel Mushrooms Have Emerged!


The morel mushroom harvest season is officially underway here in Nebraska, woo-hoo! Friends, co-workers, and acquaintances of mine are finding morels now in the moister, grassy areas of river bottom woodlands here in southeastern Nebraska near dead and decaying hardwood trees like cottonwoods. That being stated, I have some very important reminders to share from us at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission with you – the morel mushroom hunter. First and foremost, make certain you have landowner permission to ... Read More »

Preview of Indian Cave’s Outdoor Adventure Day on WOWT 6 Outdoors


I’ll be previewing Indian Cave State Park’s big Spring Outdoor Adventure Day taking place this Saturday, April 18th on my WOWT 6 News Weekly Outdoor Report. There will be lots of fun things for you and your family to see, do and even sample! There will also be a fun morel mushroom hunting contest you can enter! Ever been to Indian Cave about 90-minutes south of Omaha? Look below, it’s gorgeous state park! It has an array of history. The Weekly Outdoor ... Read More »

10 Tips for Taking Kids Turkey Hunting


This weekend marks the opening of Nebraska’s 2015 youth shotgun spring wild turkey hunting season. Conservation Officer Rich Berggren of Waterloo, NE, myself, and many, many others at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission continue to work hard to pass along that wonderful wild turkey hunting heritage to young people and instill in an interest in the lifestyle with an appreciation for nature and the game specie. With that stated, here are Rich and I’s top ten tips for taking kids spring wild turkey hunting. Remember ... Read More »

Youth Shotgun Turkey Season Featured on WOWT 6 Outdoors


Nebraska’s youth spring shotgun wild turkey hunting season will be featured on my Weekly Outdoor Report airing on Omaha’s WOWT 6 News LIVE this Thursday evening at 6 p.m. CST during the sportscast with Ross Jernstrom!  I’ll be giving you the primary details of the season, which opens this Saturday (April 11th), and emphasizing that the permit price for a youth turkey permit is only $5.00! I’ll also be encouraging adult hunters to share what they know by taking a youth out turkey hunting. Spring wild ... Read More »

Window to Nature


I’ve been in the field a lot archery/crossbow spring wild turkey hunting with my buddy, Jim Druliner, a.k.a. Jimmy D., from a portable, camouflaged, pop-up blind in rural eastern Nebraska. As I always say “hunting is not about the harvest, but the experience.” It has been an exciting experience seeing nature in early spring! Here are just some of the various wildlife species we’ve seen. Take a look with us through the lens. Before I began this blog, I was going to list all the reasons why I ... Read More »