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Lock, Stock and Bedlam

Straight forward, timely information on hunting, fishing, shooting skills, techniques, and tips. Interaction, comments and questions are encouraged, and you can participate in our weekly radio show, Nebraska Outdoors, every Thursday evening from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Lincoln’s 1240 A.M. KFOR

The benefits of Teal

Quick Pair of Teal Sneaking in from Behind

At thirty minutes before sunrise this past Saturday one of my favorite events arrived in Nebraska – teal season.  The short season gives me an annual opportunity to renew the fondness I hold for this small duck and a chance to try out new excuses for missed shots. Blue-winged, green-winged and even cinnamon teal pass through Nebraska but they can all be summed up in one word – quick.  Teal are quick to arrive on the scene, sometimes quick to ... Read More »

Loving The Fall

Buster bringing in the bird.... he lives for this!

Absolutely my favorite time of year has begun. Husker football on the tv/radio and cool mornings afield. This is what I dream about all year. Granted, I will say the same thing about winter but just let me digress for a moment. The Dove opener lived up to the hype for some while a bit spotty for others. This year, resources are good and the birds are spread out in many areas. Regardless, we have had a few good hunts ... Read More »

Spider Dogs & Banana Boats

Spider Dogs

When it comes to camp cooking I usually trend toward the simple.  I leave the complex eats to those with more skills than I.  That in mind I thought I would share a couple standard eats around my campsite that seem to go over well and need little prep or time.  You can also getting everyone regardless age involved in the process which helps out, too. Spider Dogs This is simply a twist on the standard fire-roasted wiener and adds ... Read More »

Grilling an American Bird

Wild Turkey Shish Kabobs

For those of you that still have some turkey left in the freezer from the this past spring’s season it’s time to introduce the bird to the grill. Now there are lots of great ways to grill wild turkey, but one of my favorites is the shish-kabob. (Ironically, the term ‘shish-kabob’ has Turkish origins). They are simple, fun to make and extremely delicious. Start by cubing turkey meat into roughly 1 inch pieces. Oftentimes I give the meat an overnight, ... Read More »

Missing That Duck Blind Cooking!

Big mouth handy!

My favorite meals have come from the heat of a campfire or the excitement of a duck blind.  Make no mistake, I like most foods, but those that came from the crackle of an open fire or the camaraderie of the duck blind….that taste lingers! The duck blind is a time for special dishes from a more hidden menu.   Dishes you don’t find every day have a solid place in such venues.  I am not going to fill you ... Read More »

New Outdoor Education Center and Shooting Park – Grand Opening June 7th


It is finally here! The family shooting sports event of the year. June 7th will be the grand opening event for the new Nebraska Outdoor Education Center in Lincoln at 4703 N 44th Street or 44th & Superior in Boosalis Park. From 10am – 4pm we will be open for families, shooters, and kids of all ages to come out and try flinging arrows on the new indoor 32 lane archery range (the largest one in Nebraska)! Join us in ... Read More »

The Bittersweet Last Turkey of Spring

Last bird spring 2014

With May 31 being the last day, the end of turkey season is near.  Though our Nebraska spring season is long, the end is always tough to take for us addicted to chasing the gobble – even when it ends successfully.  Here’s how mine ended this past holiday weekend… Saturday morning I rolled out of bed at 4:00 a.m., checked radar and climbed back under the covers when it revealed a large, colorful swath of rain parked itself on top ... Read More »

Ground Blind Discussions

Time in the Blind

It’s now the middle of May. Spring turkey season in Nebraska is entering its final weeks.  I have already spent a good number of hours in a ground blind – mostly with members of my family – and I hope to spend several more in the days to come.  For sheer excitement the portable blinds cannot compete with sitting at the base of a tree as a gobbler closes in, but they do give a person plenty of time to ... Read More »

Those Pesky Jakes

I think he is in love...

Now I know there is a large contingency of turkey chasers that feel a turkey is a turkey and will readily take a jake with ill effect to their psychy. Understand I have nothing against them. I like jakes. Heck, my dog is named Jake. But true to their upbringing, jakes can screw up a hunt like nobody’s business. Jakes are like a gange of teenagers. Young adolescent birds that hang out together. By themselves they are not much threat ... Read More »

The Easter Weekend Turkey Report

Everyone is ready for the hunt

Ok, first I have a confession. I was only able to spend Friday morning in the turkey woods. The holiday weekend took me out of the state to spend time with family.  However, my brother spent three straight days chasing gobblers this weekend in eastern Nebraska and reported identical experiences to my lone endeavor – we are smack dab in the middle of the peak breeding phase.  Now this may sound like a good thing, but it can be the ... Read More »