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Straight forward, timely information on hunting, fishing, shooting skills, techniques, and tips. Interaction, comments and questions are encouraged, and you can participate in our weekly radio show, Nebraska Outdoors, every Thursday evening from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Lincoln’s 1240 A.M. KFOR

Pretty Fake

Old Meets New

When I started chasing gobblers in the spring very few people used them. Now many feel naked if they walk into the field without a turkey decoy or three. I hunted several years before getting my first fake which was made of foam and looked more looney tunes than lonely hen.  But I put her to use with some great results. In the (over) two decades that have passed since then turkey decoys have changed – a lot.  As manufacturing ... Read More »

Early Season Turkeys Can Be Fickle


It is hard to type on the ipad as I sit here strapped to my bow release.  But we are finally back in the spring turkey woods.  Aaaaah does it feel good to be  home.   I almost forgot how fickle these early season birds can be. Throughout the winter, turkeys have been grouped up into winter flocks.  Partly because resources are limited and partly because they had nothing better to do.  Now that we are entering the early phases ... Read More »

#NebraskaTurkey on Twitter – April 10

April 10 - #NebraskaTurkey @NEGameandParks

There are few things as exhilarating as dueling with the king-of-spring – the wild turkey.  The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is here to help as educators and biologists answer your spring turkey hunting questions and provide strategy-insight with a live Twitter chat on Friday, April 10.  Follow along on Twitter from noon to 1 p.m. (CDT).  Tweet questions to @NEGameandParks using #NebraskaTurkey. If you are unable to participate during that time, tweet your question before the fun begins. Whether ... Read More »

Cycles of Success

NSSF Cycles of Success

What I am about to tell you may be used by some to justify the next purchase of a rifle, bow or shotgun.   You may want to tape this to the refrigerator as soon as you read it.   But I guarantee you that, if you are a shooting sports enthusiast, hunter or angler, you will swell up with pride.  How the funding for the greates conservation model the world has ever known all came together to provide us the hunting, fishing and ... Read More »

Turkey Time

View from the Blind

Nebraska may be the best place for the turkey hunter.  The spring season kicked off this morning – 30 minutes before sunrise – with archery.  Just over two weeks from now on April 11, turkey-chasers 15 yrs and under can break out the shotguns.  A week after on April 18, the rest of us can, too.  All spring seasons run through May 31. With healthy bird populations and some great opportunities on many state Wildlife Management Areas and land enrolled ... Read More »

2015 NGPC Spring Turkey Hunting Workshops

Won't be long

Many of us are counting down the days until the start of spring turkey season. So it is with great delight we announce the 2015 round of Nebraska Game and Parks – Spring Turkey Hunting Workshops. These 2-hr, learn-to-hunt events are designed for those with little to no experience chasing gobblers, but even seasoned hunters will learn a new tactic or two as Specialists discuss equipment, calling strategies and turkey tips.  First one kicks off this Saturday. If you like ... Read More »

Critter Calling


I seem to always dust off the rimfire guns in late winter. I get out the 22 mag revolver or 17 hmr rifle and head to the woods in search of critters that will come to the call. Coon calling is one of my favorite things to do and we still have until the end of February  to get out and give it a try. These guys can be easy to call in at times and provide loads of fun ... Read More »

Fancy Shots

Seed Loaded Shell

There is always innovation going on in the outdoor industry and no part is immune from the creative juices that flow from creative minds.  Take for example these relatively recent addition to the world of shotgun shells. Spectra Shot. Things just got more colorful in the duck blind.  Not only can you select your preferred gauge, length, shot size and charge but now your color of shot. Blue, yellow, green orange or even glow in the dark pellets are available.  ... Read More »

Final Days


Tomorrow (1/31) marks the final day of the upland bird season in Nebraska for this season.  As mentioned in years past (Last Day 2014; End of Season 2013) I do my best to hunt it.  The reasons are many but it simply boils down to the fact that I want to be there. The day will start too early.  The walking may be too wet or slippery thanks to a front moving through tonight. But it will all end too ... Read More »

Trapping Report from the Creek

Even Opossums Get Smiles

A quick update on our newest hobby – trapping raccoon (A New Addiction Returns).  We hit the second weekend of this new endeavor with lots of enthusiasm and hope.  We had learned a good deal from our first go with it and looked to put this gained knowledge to work.  Armed with twice as many traps (six) we hit the dry creek bottom we had previously. The results were that we learned even more with this second session.  First of ... Read More »