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Wildlife related articles and blogs from the staff of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

All About Birds on Great Outdoor Radio Show


Bird migrations, bird watching, bird feeding and even more birding topics will be addressed on this Saturday’s Great Outdoor Radio Show. Special guest will be Crinda Williams of Springfield, NE who owns and manages the two For The Wild Birds Stores in the metro. Crinda is heavily into Nebraska birds and the birding world! She’ll be sharing what she knows about our feathered friends and answering any bird-related questions you may have. We’ll also be highlighting the month of May which is ... Read More »

Arbor Day Hunts

Arbor Day Celebrations

Weather permitting I will be celebrating Arbor Day my traditional way by dressing up like a tree, making sexy, fowl noises and hoping to seduce the bird that takes center stage in the Nebraska woodlands each spring – the wild gobbler. To appropriately do so I will rise well before daylight, dream about a hearty breakfast while munching on stale granola bars and drinking bad coffee on the morning commute to the river bottom.  Once parked at the field entrance ... Read More »

Helping Ospreys and avoiding power outages


Electric utilities and wildlife agencies are entities that you may not immediately think of as cooperators in conservation, particularly if you’ve closely followed the news as of late.  Even though both types of entities have their different roles and objectives, there are opportunities to work together.  Most electric utilities, such as those of the Nebraska Rural Electric Association, work proactively to avoid and reduce the risk of collision and electrocution posed to birds by power lines and other electrical infrastructure.  These efforts are done ... Read More »

Hybrid grouse at Prairie-Chicken Festival

hybrid grouse

I had the privilege to participate in and be part of the Nebraska Prairie Chicken Festival this past weekend.  This is the fourth year of this festival, but the first year I attended.  I had high expectations going in since the festival is an event organized and hosted by Calamus Outfitters, but my expectations were exceeded in a number of ways.  This was a top-notch affair with great birding and scenery that included morning trips to see lekking Greater Prairie-Chickens and ... Read More »

Panhandle Passages: Down Home Frog

A Boreal chorus frog peers from the shallows of Red Willow State Recreation Area. (NEBRASKAland/Justin Haag)

Every photo that makes it to print in NEBRASKAland Magazine means a lot to me. Few things make a person look fondly upon a time and a place as does a good photo and it’s especially rewarding to see one in print. One particular photo — that of a Boreal chorus frog on pages 46-47 of the April issue — has special meaning to me. Frogs are great and I love the way this species fills the air with song ... Read More »

Dizzy Turkey


It is spring and love is in the air for many of Nebraska’s creatures.  I have been in the field helping collect walleye eggs for our walleye stockings the past couple of weeks (Easter Egg Hunt), so I know it is time for the walleyes to be doing their “thing”.  I am also a bona fide spring turkey hunting addict and I am very aware that our turkeys are well into their mating season too–the toms are strutting!  In the ... Read More »

Pretty Fake

Old Meets New

When I started chasing gobblers in the spring very few people used them. Now many feel naked if they walk into the field without a turkey decoy or three. I hunted several years before getting my first fake which was made of foam and looked more looney tunes than lonely hen.  But I put her to use with some great results. In the (over) two decades that have passed since then turkey decoys have changed – a lot.  As manufacturing ... Read More »

Moose Seen in Panhandle

Moose in Morrill County

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission officials are reporting that a moose has been spotted numerous times by residents in the North Platte River Valley in the Panhandle. The confirmed sightings suggest that the moose has been in the region for several weeks and was last reported in Morrill County. Moose are not common in Nebraska, but are occasionally spotted in the western part of the state. Wildlife biologists expect that the moose wandered into the state from Wyoming. Officials are ... Read More »

Peregrine Falcon egg #4

4th egg.

The fourth Peregrine Falcon egg was not a major surprise.  It arrived on Tuesday evening. Four eggs is good enough for me and it seems like a manageable number.   Will there be a fifth?  Or even a sixth? It seems possible given our pair’s history, so stayed tuned.   If you are looking for our LIVE streaming video, please click HERE.  If you would like to join a Facebook fan group about the the Capitol’s Peregrine Falcons, please click ... Read More »

Peregrine Falcon egg #3

three eggs

As children were searching for Easter eggs, the Capitol’s Peregrine Falcons found their own.  Egg #3 arrived sometime on Sunday. It is the point in the egg-laying process to wonder how many eggs makes this clutch complete.   As prolific as our birds have been in recent years, I would suspect they will lay at least one more; time will tell.  If you are looking for our LIVE streaming video from the 18th Floor of the Nebraska Capitol, please click ... Read More »